Why Kermit the Frog Was Wrong

Kermit recycling - Air Cycle Corp.As Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not easy being green”…and today some facility managers feel the same way. Whether it’s recycling waste or upgrading to energy efficient lighting, sometimes green facility practices can seem like they just aren’t worth the expense and hassle.

The problem with that logic is that green facility practices often actually are worth it, returning benefits like cost-savings, increased facility safety, and positive PR on the investment, not to mention doing your part toward environmental sustainability.

And as for the hassle of recycling waste, well, EasyPak™ eliminates it! From fluorescent lamps to batteries to electronic waste, EasyPak™ provides a comprehensive, convenient recycling program designed to simplify the recycling process.

EasyPak - Air Cycle Corp.Each EasyPak™ container includes prepaid return shipping, an online Certificate of Recycling, and online Recycling Reports to track your recycling efforts. And if you enroll your container in the Sustainable Program, a replacement will be automatically reordered and shipped to your facility after the original container has been recycled: no more paperwork or worry about reordering containers!

With EasyPak™, I’d say being green is pretty easy after all!

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