Where in the World is Bulb Eater®?

Where is the Bulb Eater - Air Cycle Corp.While the Bulb Eater® fluorescent lamp crusher may not enjoy the infamy of international educational thief Carmen Sandiego, it is still very interesting to find out where in the world it is! The Bulb Eater holds global appeal for the labor, space, and time-saving benefits it delivers in the process of recycling spent fluorescent lamps, and is used in over 65 countries worldwide!

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Can you guess on how many continents the Bulb Eater has crushed fluorescent lamps? Here’s a hint: though I have no idea what use a penguin would have for a fluorescent lamp, if it did they would recycle it in a Bulb Eater after it burned out.

If you said “6” you’re right! The Bulb Eater is used on every continent except Antarctica, and with it’s global presence, the machine really is helping to save our planet, one bulb at a time!

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