Where Fluorescent Lamps Go To Die

Recycled Fluorescent lamps - Air Cycle Corp.Everything dies in time, and that includes fluorescent lamps. After each bulb burns out, it needs to be shipped to a processing center, the place where lamps go to die, and be recycled back into useful materials.

With EasyPak™, to recycle lamps all you have to do is purchase a container, fill it with bulbs upon arrival at your facility, and ship it back out using the included prepaid shipping label. The process is so convenient and hassle-free that you may not even wonder what happens to the lamps once your EasyPak™ container goes out the door…and that’s the way it’s supposed to be!

But if you ever did stop to ask where your fluorescent bulbs go to die, your question would be answered with this nationwide map of recycling centers covering the location of each lamp processor that partners with Air Cycle. Click a recycling arrow on the map to learn more about that recycling facility.

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And to complete your knowledge about the life cycle of fluorescent lamps, watch this video showing how lamps are manufactured »

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