What You Need to Know Now About Food Waste Diversion

When it comes to food waste, the pressure to remove this waste from landfills is increasing. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that organic waste today represents 30-35% of the existing landfill waste volume. Developing a food waste diversion strategy that works for you, that also reduces your carbon footprint, and benefits your bottom line is an easy comparison when you consider treating that waste on-site using EnviroPure food waste treatment technology.

What is EnviroPure?

The EnviroPure System is a revolutionary solution for the on-site treatment of organic food waste, transforming 100% of your facility’s food waste into environmentally safe grey water in 24 hours or less, which can easily be treated by municipal treatment systems. EnviroPure is the only food waste diversion solution that produces no odors, no sludge buildup, and requires no system cleanouts. It eliminates the need for off-site transport to landfills or a second collection vehicle if you are consider composting as an alternative strategy. With EnviroPure, your system is fully customized for your facility, and easy to operate.


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Who can benefit from an EnviroPure Food Waste Diversion System?

EnviroPure is designed to fit seamlessly into your facility’s space and workflow. Each unit is designed with your operation in mind, with processing capacity’s ranging from 120-14,000 pounds of food waste per day. EnviroPure is perfect for hotels, resorts, hospitals, nursing homes, colleges and universities, corporate cafeterias, supermarkets, banquet facilities, cruise ships, and more.

What is BioMix? Is it safe to use in my facility?

EnviroPure’s BioMix is a proprietary formulation of all natural minerals, nutrients, vitamins and organic growth factors that allow the naturally occurring food waste bacteria to accelerate food waste decomposition for a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable treatment alternative.

What are acceptable food waste items?

EnviroPure Systems can handle virtually any organic food waste, including bones, meat, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta, coffee grounds, eggshells, dairy, and more.

Do you have more questions? Learn more about EnviroPure Systems and the most frequently asked questions here! Our experts can provide information on everything from warrantees to training programs, so set up an easy one-on-one Q & A with an expert.

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