Watch the Video – Total Program Management from Air Cycle

watch-tpm-videoAre you looking for a national recycling program for your business? Consider this the starting point for a recycling program that works. For nearly 20 years, Air Cycle has worked with organizations of all sizes, coast to coast. We’ve refined a special program for multi-location organizations called Total Program Management, or TPM.

With TPM, you can easily plug into your program, customize it to meet your unique needs, and efficiently recycle your commonly generated universal wastes. Fluorescent and HID lighting, batteries, ballasts, spent electronics, and more are all taking care of in one comprehensive plan.

Here’s how it all starts. With our 7 step process, Air Cycle’s team of universal waste recycling experts will clarify your goals and define each obstacle we’ll overcome to reach these goals. This process tailors our national program to meet your unique logistical and reporting needs. We customize our measurement tools to teach progress against your goals using data collection and compliance tracking methodology. Standardized reporting makes it easy to provide proof of compliance with state and federal regulations, and provides you with usable sustainability metrics you can boast about.

Our program roll-out report allows you to see your recycling results for all participating locations, so you can measure progress against goals for your entire organization. With clean, stress-free rollouts, automated recycling container replenishment, and access to our world-class customer care team and regulatory experts, compliance has never been easier.

Click here to learn more about Total Program Management, another simple, sustainable solution from Air Cycle.

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