Your Comprehensive Recycling Solution – Total Program Management

“I’m looking for innovative tools and services that make compliance with federal and state recycling regulations easy, while providing useful sustainability metrics.”

What is Total Program Management from Air CycleYou’ve come to the right place. At Air Cycle, we’re finding comprehensive solutions to recycling your problematic wastes, including fluorescent lamps, batteries, lighting ballasts, and electronic, as well as food waste. We call it Total Program Management.

If you’re tasked with the responsibility of searching for corporate recycling solutions for your organization, you’re seeking a company with nationwide comprehensive solutions that will provide you with peace of mind and improved operations. Air Cycle is the only sustainable solutions company that offers four unique waste recycling solutions, including:

  • Bulb Eater 3 with Intelli Technology – drum top lamp crushing system for all size and shape fluorescent bulbs, including u-tubes and CFLs
  • EasyPak Prepaid Recycling Program
  • Bulk Recycling for facilities over 200,000 sq. ft.
  • EnviroPure Food Waste Diversion Systems

Learn More About Total Program Management from Air Cycle

Total Program Management eliminates the need to issue multiple contract awards, and provides you with standardized report metrics tailored to your unique requirements for both your Universal Waste and food waste generation needs. Tracking and reporting provides proof of compliance for each location to avoid hefty fines, and our reports open doors to new opportunities for green marketing, attracting an environmentally conscious customer base.

Interested in setting up a recycling program, but don’t know where to start? Our Seven Step Process was designed to walk you through set up and cater to the unique needs of your organization. Beginning Total Program Management starts by:

  • Defining your company’s recycling goals
  • Ensuring that your recycling results can be measured against your goals
  • Developing key compliance metrics

Ready to talk to a professional? Join us for a one-on-one webinar to learn about Total Program Management and our Seven Step Solution. You’re already on your way to defining your goals and finding your simple sustainable solution. Just fill out the contact sheet and select “Schedule Webinar” to get started.

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