The Bulb Eater on recently ran an article entitled “Crushing Fluorescent Bulbs: Saving the Environment While Saving Money” that discusses fluorescent bulbs and the importance of recycling them due to the mercury inside. However, the main thrust of the article (as you may have guessed from the title!) is the fact that crushing lamps is the most cost-efficient and time-saving method of proper disposal. While it was great to see Air Cycle and the Bulb Eater mentioned multiple times in the piece, probably the best thing was having several positive testimonials from Bulb Eater users. Here’s a great quote from the piece:

Sheela Backen describes her facility’s experience with the Bulb Eater, a popular lamp crusher: “The bulbs are brought to a specific location. I send one person over there for a couple hours a week to crush the tubes. It’s very quick and efficient, and I don’t have to waste so much time trying to load a truck.”

And here’s another one:

Crushing bulbs can even get a little addictive for some facility staff. Brian Weeks of Lakeland Regional Medical Center saw that his employees were getting hooked on the whole idea: “We like it so much, my guys are running around looking for spare tubes to crush. We’ve already reorganized the warehouse and it couldn’t have been neater or cleaner.”

It’s always great to see the Bulb Eater in the news, and we also love seeing quotes like these. If you see the Bulb Eater in the news somewhere or you have a Bulb Eater testimonial, please let us know! Who knows, maybe we’ll even make you famous by putting your name on the blog…

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