The Bulb Eater finds its way to Malaysia

Malaysia - Air CycylI always enjoy hearing stories about all the neat places where the Bulb Eater is used. This week I came across a story of a Bulb Eater being used in Malaysia, a country known for its tall buildings and federal constitutional monarchy, but not usually for its lamp crushing. That might soon change, however, as the Bulb Eater has found its way into the hands of UEM Enviro, an environmental services company based in Kuala Lumpur.

UEM Enviro unveiled their Bulb Eater at a recycling event held in Negeri Sembilan. At the event, Managing Director of UEM Enviro Encik Azmanuddin Haq Ahmad said that “we are on a quest to provide a more effective management of fluorescent lamp waste which will significantly cut down on the dumping of such toxic waste into landfills and thereby ensuring cleaner groundwater for the future.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Great to see that folks all over the globe are doing their part to keep the environment clean!

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