Teavana partners with Air Cycle to recycle bulbs

teavana logo - Air CycleHere’s a little news for any tea connoisseurs out there (or bulb recycling connoisseurs, but I suspect their numbers are much smaller): national tea retailer Teavana recently started using EasyPak at all 100 of its stores. You can read more about Teavana’s fluorescent bulb recycling with EasyPak here.

If you have any cool bulb recycling or EasyPak news that’s been “brewing” lately at your company (pun intended), let me know on the comments or by emailing me at aaron@aircycle.com.

By the way, Teavana’s a really neat company- visit one of their stores to try out their great blends, or you can order tea online at Teavana.com.

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