Taking the Climate Action Plan to the Next Step in Your Facility

A great deal can happen in eight years. When you remember Obama’s presidency, what stands out to you? Fluorescent lamps probably aren’t at the top of your mind, but with President Obama’s Climate Action Plan now in full effect, we’ll see how politics can influence facility management.

According to the Department of Energy, it is estimated that lighting systems using linear fluorescent lamps account for over 75% of the lighting service in commercial buildings. With the Climate Action Plan, the Department of Energy released new standards to improve energy efficiency in general service fluorescent lamps, set to reduce emissions and electricity use in commercial facilities.

Facilities Managers, take note. Fluorescent lamps are used for an average of 4,000 hours in the average commercial facility, or 4,500 hours in industrial facilities, every year. By increasing the energy efficiency of these commonplace lighting services, this legislation has the power to reduce carbon dioxide pollution by 90 million tons, and is already well on its way in the last two years. The DOE estimates that the updated efficiency requirements will save over $15 billion in electricity.

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Improved efficiency doesn’t need to stop there. One way that facilities efficiently recycle their spent fluorescent lighting is by crushing the lamp waste into steel 55-gallon drums.  The Bulb Eater® 3 safely crushes and containerizes crushed lamps, improving storage and transportation efficiency.  Reducing the volume of the lamp waste minimizes transportation costs, as well as the carbon footprint associated with transporting otherwise “hollow tubes” of glass long distances to be recycled.

The Bulb Eater® 3 with Intelli Technology was named a “Money Saving Product for 2015” by Buildings Magazine, and New Recycling Product of the Year by Environmental Protection. To learn more about how you can implement a lamp crusher to make fluorescent lamp recycling more efficient (and fun), visit aircycle.com/bulbeater3.

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