LED Incentive Programs

LED retrofit programs can be expensive, but the savings substantial. An incentive program can help cover the initial cost.

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LED Retrofit Lighting Tube

The benefits of making the switch to LED lighting from fluorescent are many.  Obviously, LED’s offer much higher efficiency than their fluorescent counterparts.  The ability to give off comparable levels of light (measured in lumins) at much lower wattage means substantial savings in utility costs.  Also, LED’s last much longer than typical mercury-containing lamps, meaning far less maintenance for facility management.  Plus LED lighting offers a number of unique features that add to their value.  They can provide a broader spectrum of visible light which enhances the work environment and can positively impact fatigue and concentration.  Many LED systems offer dimmable controls and other flexible options to further customize the lighting provided. 

But an LED retrofit can be an expensive undertaking.  Mathematically, LED lighting pays for itself quickly.  Between the lower operating cost and the longer practical lifespan of the lamps, a facility can quickly reap the benefits of the change.  Many organizations have made the change knowing that they would make up the investment in lower utility cost, but for some organizations the initial investment can be prohibitive.  They recognize that the benefits are many, but for a variety of reasons cannot commit to the up-front expense of a retrofit project.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of incentive programs for facilities that are considering a switch to high-efficiency LED.  Any reputable electrical contractor should be able to work with a facility to find the most appropriate incentives for a retrofit project.  From utility companies to lighting manufacturers, there are grants, low-interest loans, rate discounts and funding opportunities.  Whether the help comes from your electrical supplier or local government, it is an effective way to defray start-up costs on a major project.

Contact your energy provider and local government for more information on conservation programs in your area.  Your electrical contractor or lighting supplier can provide the details on manufacturer incentive programs.

And don’t forget to properly dispose of any mercury-containing lamps you are uninstalling.  TerraCycle Regulated Waste offers the best options available for the proper recycling of mercury-containing lamps of all sizes and quantities. 

Prepare Your Budget for the Upcoming Fiscal Year

Are you planning your budget for the next fiscal year? Don’t forget about your corporate universal waste recycling program!

As the end of the fiscal year approaches, you may be wondering how you can appropriately disperse funds in the coming year. Spend your budget in a way that isn’t wasteful and will benefit your company as a whole.

Air Cycle offers companies simple, sustainable solutions that allow you to comply with Universal Waste regulations. Here are three of our solutions you may want to consider this year:

  1. Bulk Pick Up

For facilities over 150,000 square feet, bulk pickups provide a cost-effective solution for recycling large amounts of universal waste. Do you have fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronic waste you need removed? Our service area covers all 48 lower states.

Your packaged waste is picked up and delivered to one of our permitted recycling partners. Once the waste is recycled, you’ll receive a Certificate of Recycling to confirm proper handling and processing.


  1. The Bulb Eater 3

If saving money and creating a safer work environment are important to you, consider our Bulb Eater machines. The Bulb Eater 3 (and Bulb Eater 3L, created especially for smaller facilities) reduces risk and liability associated with improper disposal and reduces labor by up to 20 hours per 1,000 lamps. Why not make lamp recycling fun, while also saving money.


  1. EasyPak with Vapor Shield

We’ve proven that our EasyPak boxes beat out the competition. Not only are they incredibly easy to use, they’re also designed for simple compliance. Select your containers online, fill them according to the instructions listed, and send them back to us. Once you’re done, you can reorder boxes, or better yet, enroll in our Auto Reorder program. Your order history, Certificates of Recycling and recycling reports are readily available on-line.


At Air Cycle, we believe that recycling should be easy, not difficult or time consuming. That’s why we offer some of the easiest, most effective recycling programs in the world. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions: 800.909.9709.

Should your Facility Consider the New Bulb Eater Services Program?

With our new Bulb Eater Services Program, you can save time and money using our supplied award-winning Bulb Eater and be environmentally friendly at the same time! Perfect for schools, hotels, office buildings, or facilities with over 200,000 square feet of lighted space, our new Bulb Eater Services Program cuts expenses without breaking the bank.

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Save Money with Our New Bulb Eater Services Program

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our Bulb Eater Services Program. A program designed for any facility, regardless of size, that includes the use of a Bulb Eater 3 or our new Bulb Eater 3L!

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Thinking of an LED Retrofit? Air Cycle’s solutions save you money!

Considering an LED Retrofit for your traditional lighting fixtures and fluorescents? Let Air Cycle alleviate the waste of your old fluorescent lights with our Bulk Pickup, or EasyPak services that take the hassle out of recycling. When it’s time to switch to LED lighting in your facility it can be costly, but with our efficient services Air Cycle will take the waste off your hands and assist you to go-green economically.

Air Cycle’s Bulk Pickup Recycling Service is an ideal option for larger facilities looking to recycle their old lamps. The service allows the user to schedule a pickup online, or by phone (800.909.9709), and determines pricing based on the quantity and location of waste to be picked up. After waste is taken, it is delivered to one of Air Cycle’s certified recycling partners. Finally, a Certificate of Recycling is provided to the facility to show their waste was properly disposed. Bulk Pickup is quick, and easy for anyone. Instead of improperly throwing out your fluorescent bulbs in the shift to LED, recycle them!

For smaller quantities, our EasyPak Program is another simple recycling service that is provided in three easy steps. The user merely selects a container, fills it with waste, and returns it with the prepaid shipping label for recycling. Additionally, Air Cycle has created an online tracking system to verify that your lamp waste has been recycled properly. EasyPak can be used by any size facility, and is the attractive choice for your lamps when they are no longer for use.

Considering the high initial cost and installation of LED lighting, let Air Cycle remove the angst of recycling your old lamps. Air Cycle strives to make the fluorescent lamp disposal affordable and easy for facilities looking to pursue the switch. Contact us at our email, info@aircycle.com, or telephone number listed above, for more information and help to make the environment a better place.