Sustainability: The Great Differentiator

Green Recycling - Air Cycle Corp.When a business thinks about going green with its facility operations, an important question is “How much will it cost?” Despite the upfront expenditures that facility greening can require, a growing body of evidence demonstrates that in addition to environmental benefits, sustainable commercial buildings make good business sense, too, according to this article from FMLink.

Difficult economy aside, green operational techniques such as implementing high-efficiency lighting systems and fluorescent lamp recycling programs can generate a financial return in the form of energy savings and a polished “green” image. Read full article »

Bulk Pickup - Air Cycle Corp. Air Cycle’s Bulk Pickup program and EasyPak™ mail-in containers make it simple for any size facility to go green by recycling spent fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronic waste. Learn more » Air Cycle recycling solutions

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