Do You Want To Stop Landfilling Food Waste?

The cost of landfilling your food waste is more complex than most may consider. When you take into account the hidden costs of landfilling organic waste – fuel surcharges, pickup and hauling fees, tipping, bin rentals, and environmental surcharges – the total impact to your bottom line can top nearly $200 per ton.

Check out our article on food waste diversion options –while there are many options available that eliminate the need for landfilling, most alternatives have some serious drawbacks such as the use of incredible amounts of water and energy, production of methane gas, the need to handle solid residues, and increased transportation impacts.

Enviropure Systems is an on-site food waste digestion unit, diverting waste from landfills by converting virtually all of your organic waste into environmentally-safe dischargeable grey water. By eliminating the need to transport organic waste or a byproduct, a typical facility can save tens of thousands of dollars annually.


This system is also designed to save valuable time and money by eliminating the need to make trips to the dumpster. With no need to store accumulating food waste between pickups, you save space and maintain a sanitary work environment.

Not all food waste diversion options can handle all types of food waste, including bones, shells, and pits. Enviropure is a comprehensive solution, great for meeting your company’s immediate sustainability goals as well as Zero Waste Zone requirements, which are becoming more and more common in a growing number of cities each year.

With reduced energy usage and the complete elimination of transportation costs, some facilities see a return on investment in as little as two years. Find out more about a customized organic waste solution for your facility by clicking here.

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