Simplify Your Recycling Plan with EasyPak Recycling


Being environmentally conscious is something that, due to research and scientific evidence, is becoming more and more important to businesses and individuals across the world. However, many businesses still say that recycling spent lamps, batteries, and electronics can be a hassle. In America, 70% of toxic waste is electronic and spent lamp waste, so it’s of utmost importance to consider how you can minimize your footprint from day to day!

At AirCycle, we can make this process a breeze with our EasyPak recycling program. EasyPak recycling involves shipping your used bulbs, batteries, ballast, thermostat, and electronic waste to us and we take of the rest. It’s easy-to-use, no hassle, and available for sign up online. The steps are simple:

  1. Select your Container
    Go online to select what containers you want sent to your home or facility with easy guidance and online checkout.
  2. Fill your EasyPak Containers with Waste
    Once you receive your containers, you can fill them with waste as you please. All of our containers have been approved for safe shipping and come with full instructions on how to pack.
  3. Return for Recycling
    All containers come with pre-paid shipping UPS labels.
  4. Replenish and Repeat
    After we receive your packages and process for recycling, we can send you more containers automatically, requiring zero involement from you and making this a great, stress-free process.

Not only is the EasyPak recycling method incredibly easy, it’s effective and precise. We will allow you to track your efforts online to see how much you’ve recycled over time, and how much you will need to reach a goal! Also, you’ll receive a special certificate via email showing your recycling history. Recycling should be easy, not difficult or time consuming. At Air Cycle, we pride ourselves for having some of the easiest, most effective recycling programs in the world. Visit our website today to order your get started with EasyPak.

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