Simple Sustainable Solutions for the Largest and Most Commonly Generated Wastes

fluorescent bulb waste

Some commonly used items contain hazardous materials that represent environmental risks when discarded and landfilled. Others, like food waste represents 35-40% of landfill receipts each year. Environmentally conscious recycling and compliance with state and federal regulations on recycling is a priority, particularly for large companies and those with a commitment to sustainable practices. Facilities can rely on Air Cycle to provide simple sustainable solutions for these commonly generated wastes. 

1. Lighting
Each year 1 billion fluorescent, compact fluorescent, mercury vapor, and metal halide lamps are discarded each year, and because they contain mercury, disposal and proper recycling is highly regulated. Our nationwide recycling program makes recycling easy for you. Our service offerings include on-site drum top lamp crushing using our Bulb Eater® and the use of our bulk recycling services for crushed lamps and/or large quantities of lamps. If you generate smaller quantities of lamps, or simply want to avoid the hassle of labeling, packaging, palletizing, shrink wrapping and scheduling pick ups,ourUPS-serviced pre-paid EasyPak™ containers fare the right solution for you.

2. Batteries
2.9 billion batteries will be thrown away this year. Find the right fit for your facility in our nationwide bulk recycling services for large volumes and battery chemistries. If you generate small voltage batteries, , including AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt, our UPS-serviced EasyPak™ program might be the right solution. Everything you need to safely store and transport the spent batteries are sent to you, and like our lamp program, they are serviced by UPS nation-wide logistics network.

3. Food Waste
Each year 61 MILLION cubic yards of food waste will be sent to landfills, which represents 35-40% of all wastes received by landfills. This contributes to greenhouse gas generation both during transportation and the waste decomposition process within the landfill. Why not treat the waste at the source, instead of taking it out for a ride! Our simple sustainable solution for food waste is EnviroPure’s self-contained, continual feed, organic waste disposal system, converting food waste into dischargeable water that is discharged on site.

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