Wrap Up Quarter 4 with Bulk Pickup Waste Recycling

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year. As the holiday season inches closer, the last thing you should be worried about is your universal waste recycling plan. Make quarter four a breeze by scheduling your next bulk waste pickup before the holidays.

Whether you crush linear fluorescent lamps, CFLs, and u-tubes or you palletize and store a variety of universal waste, recycling your spent materials before the end of the year is an important part of any efficient universal waste recycling plan. Schedule your final bulk pickup of 2016 online or by phone at (800) 909-9709.

How does nationwide bulk waste pickup work to increase efficiency at my facility?

For facilities over 150,000 square feet, bulk pickups can provide a cost effective solution for recycling large amounts of universal waste, including fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries, or electronic waste. Our flexible scheduling allows us to coordinate a pickup date that works best for you.

Your packaged waste is picked up and delivered to one of our certified recycling partners. The waste is then recycled, and you’ll receive a Certificate of Recycling to confirm proper handling and processing.

How does bulk pickup work alongside a drum top lamp crusher?

Bulk pickups allow you to recycle unlimited quantities of universal waste. However, our drum top lamp crushing systems, the Bulb Eater® and Bulb Eater 3®, eliminate the need to store intact lamps in the meantime, saving you time, space, and money. The 55-gallon drum will hold up to 1,350 crushed lamps to reduce storage requirements and handling prior to recycling. When your gallon is full, schedule a bulk pickup to recycle the crushed lamps, as well as other bulk universal waste from your facility.

If this is your first time using the convenient universal waste recycling services from Air Cycle, call (800) 909-9709 to request a quote, or take our quiz to see if your facility is a good fit for our Nationwide Bulk Pickup recycling services.

To book your final bulk pickup of 2016, please schedule online or call Air Cycle before the second week in December.



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