Road to Lamp Recycling: A 10-Step Guide

Road to recycling - Air Cycle Corp.More facility managers than ever are aware that recycling spent fluorescent lamps can minimize the risk of workplace mercury exposure and fines from non-compliance with regulations.

Whether you are just looking into lamp recycling or currently have a program in place, this guide to implementing a lamp recycling program can help you take the first step or confirm that you are on the right track. The guide is addressed to health care facility managers, but is applicable to managers of any facility type.

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Bulb Eater - Air Cycle Corp.No matter where you are on the lamp recycling spectrum, Air Cycle offers solutions that can help you get started or streamline your current program.

The Bulb Eater® can reduce recycling costs by up to 50% for large facilities, while EasyPak™ makes recycling simple for small facilities. Learn more » Air Cycle recycling solutions

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