Searching for the Perfect Recycling Solution for Your Facility?

“I’m not sure which universal waste recycling solution is right for my facility. How much storage space do I have to store material waiting for recycling? Is there a solution for limited storage space?”

Universal Waste Recycling for Larger Facilities

How do you know if your facility is the right fit for a drum top lamp crushing system? Our Bulb Eater® 3 crushes up to 1,350 T8 4’ fluorescent lamps per 55-gallon drum, making it the perfect recycling solution for most facilities over 150,000 square feet. With an on-site lamp crusher like the BE3, a large quantity of lamps can be stored with minimal space. In fact, 1,350 lamps is approximately the equivalent of one 4’x4’x4’ pallet of intact lamps that would be contained in a single 55 gallon drum, a space savings equivalent to 80%

Another option for facilities over 150,000 square feet is our nationwide bulk recycling program. Fluorescent lamps, batteries, ballasts and electronics can be safely palletized, scheduled for pick up, and recycled at the recycling partner closest to your generating location.

Bulk recycling can also be used in tandem with any of our Bulb Eater®  drum top crushing lines to combine a space-saving lamp crushing system with comprehensive universal waste recycling. This unique program makes it easy to properly recycle ballasts, batteries, electronics, and more in bulk quantities. Bulk recycling is the perfect solution for properties with large quantities of waste that can be palletized and shrink wrapped prior to scheduled pickup.

Universal Waste Recycling for Smaller Facilities

Smaller facilities can still recycle a variety of universal wastes. You’ll need a program that makes it easy for employees to participate in collecting and storing universal wastes like lamps, batteries ballasts and electronics. EasyPak™, our pre-paid mail in recycling program for small facilities, provides safe containers for all of your universal waste recycling needs, When the container is full, simply seal the containers and give it to your UPS driver, the return shipping labels are provided to you when the empty container is initially sent to you.

Thanks to our VaporShield® technology, spent lamps are packaged in a container designed to reduce the chance of breakage and protect you from mercury exposure due to incidental breakage. Watch the video to see how it works here.

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