Recycle bulbs with Air Cycle and become famous…

newsweek - Air Cycle Corp.…ok maybe not. But it does happen for some clients of ours. In the “Greenest Big Companies in America” cover story of the September 28 edition of Newsweek magazine, several of Air Cycle’s clients made the list. Here’s a little info on two of them:

Marriott recycling - Air Cycle Corp.Marriott International (ranked #42) uses Air Cycle products like EasyPak recycling containers and the Bulb Eater in over 500 of their hotels across the country. Paul Hildreth, project director of engineering at Marriott says that “We believe that Air Cycle offers our hotels an easier and more eco-friendly option to dispose of fluorescent bulbs. It’s a great solution for hotels in states where regulations are continuously evolving to meet environmental demands.” Other Marriott green projects include LEED certification for hotels and goals to reduce greenhouse emissions company-wide by 40,000 tons annually.

CBRE Richard Ellis - Air Cycle Corp.Real estate company CB Richard Ellis (ranked #45) also has EasyPak and the Bulb Eater in several of their facilities. Additionally, CBRE employees regularly schedule bulk recycling pickups for their buildings when they have large amounts of waste they need to properly dispose of. Melanie Tank, manager of the Patrick Henry Building in Washington, D.C. notes that solutions from Air Cycle have helped their facility stay in line with environmental regulations: “We are a government building,” she said, “So it’s important for us to follow D.C regulations.”

Congratulations to all the companies that made the list. It’s great to see corporations that are willing work for environmental progress, particularly by recycling their waste. So, to everyone that wants some coverage next year, give Air Cycle a call and let’s get started!

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