DOT battery recycling update

battery recycling - Air CycleThe U.S. DOT has released some new rules for packaging batteries for recycling that amend their previous regulations that mandated the taping or bagging of all batteries. The nice thing is that these new updated rules should be a relief for people that recycle their batteries. You can read the full update and see here or contact us if you need clarification, but here’s the basics of what you need to know: Continue reading “DOT battery recycling update”

Teavana partners with Air Cycle to recycle bulbs

teavana logo - Air CycleHere’s a little news for any tea connoisseurs out there (or bulb recycling connoisseurs, but I suspect their numbers are much smaller): national tea retailer Teavana recently started using EasyPak at all 100 of its stores. You can read more about Teavana’s fluorescent bulb recycling with EasyPak here. Continue reading “Teavana partners with Air Cycle to recycle bulbs”

Sodexo selects Air Cycle for its universal waste recycling needs

Sodexo Containers - Air CycleI’m pleased to announce that Air Cycle has begun a corporate-wide partnership with Sodexo, Inc. to recycle universal waste at their facilities all over the country. Sodexo is a leading provider of facilities management services in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, with over 10 million customers at 6,000 locations. As part of this partnership, Sodexo will be utilizing the EasyPak Sustainable Program and the Bulb Eater, giving them access to convenient and cost-effective recycling solutions as well as neat features like reporting and recycling certificates. Continue reading “Sodexo selects Air Cycle for its universal waste recycling needs”

Cruise ship bulb recycling

cruise ship - Air CycleRecently I started looking at some of the different kinds of places that utilize the Bulb Eater for their lamp crushing needs. While I knew that many business, hospital, and school facilities use the Bulb Eater, I was excited to see the machine being put to work out on the open sea on the GTS Celebrity Constellation, a cruise ship that makes port calls at destinations including Boston, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Sweden. Continue reading “Cruise ship bulb recycling”

Wanted: Your Ideas

A core concept of this blog is that its content is interesting and relevant for our readers. So, that means I need to hear from you…what kind of topics should this blog address? What are the most important recycling, universal waste, or “green” issues facing you and your facility? What kinds of experts would you like to hear from as guest contributors? Finally, if you have an article, video, or any other content that you think would be helpful for our readers, feel free to share it. Leave your comments below or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

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Beyond Bulb Recycling: How Do I Get LEED-Certified?

LEED certifiedGetting your building LEED-certified is an increasingly popular goal for environmentally conscious facility managers. However, a lot of people (including myself) have no clue what it actually takes to get their building LEED certified. While recycling your fluorescent bulbs, batteries, and other universal waste is absolutely necessary for a LEED rating, there are a ton of other things you can do to get LEED “points” as well. This great article from the Dallas Morning News gives multiple examples, as well as a list of how many points are required for different LEED ratings (Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.). Continue reading “Beyond Bulb Recycling: How Do I Get LEED-Certified?”

Not another boring corporate blog…

Welcome to the brand new Air Cycle blog! My name is Aaron Griffith and I will be the lead blogger and your go-to guy for all information and discussions here on the blog. I currently collect or write most of the material on, and I’m hoping that this blog will be a better way that I can help provide visitors with helpful info on recycling, important industry updates, and even the occasional entertaining video in my posts. Continue reading “Not another boring corporate blog…”