The Bulb Eater on recently ran an article entitled “Crushing Fluorescent Bulbs: Saving the Environment While Saving Money” that discusses fluorescent bulbs and the importance of recycling them due to the mercury inside. However, the main thrust of the article (as you may have guessed from the title!) is the fact that crushing lamps is the most cost-efficient and time-saving method of proper disposal. While it was great to see Air Cycle and the Bulb Eater mentioned multiple times in the piece, probably the best thing was having several positive testimonials from Bulb Eater users. Here’s a great quote from the piece: Continue reading “The Bulb Eater on”

Introducing Customizable Tools for Larger Companies and Distributors

Air Cycle is pleased to announce two unique opportunities for companies with multiple locations and potential distributors:

Custom Corporate Recycling - Air Cycle Corp.Custom Corporate Recycling Portal
Perfect for companies with multiple locations, the Custom Corporate Portal will allow users to create, manage, and track their corporate-wide recycling program from a centralized location. Continue reading “Introducing Customizable Tools for Larger Companies and Distributors”

How fluorescent bulbs are made

I recently ran across this really cool video detailing the entire fluorescent bulb manufacturing process. The video shows every step, from the shaping of the glass tubes to the cutting of the wires inside, as well as the insertion of all the needed components. Pretty intricate process for such a simple result! Continue reading “How fluorescent bulbs are made”

New Bulb Eater video!

You’ve probably already noticed the cool new look of, but did you know that there is also a brand new Bulb Eater video? It gives a good overview of the features of the machine as well as the benefits of putting it to use in your facility. Additionally, you can also see some great shots of the machine in use. Continue reading “New Bulb Eater video!”

Greening Your Battery Usage

Battery Recycling - Air Cycle Corp.The nice folks over at have published a list of helpful tips for using batteries in a more environmentally friendly way. While the best green tip for batteries is to recycle them (tip #2), there certainly are some other practices that can help you prolong battery life and limit their harmful effects. Continue reading “Greening Your Battery Usage”

Recycle bulbs with Air Cycle and become famous…

newsweek - Air Cycle Corp.…ok maybe not. But it does happen for some clients of ours. In the “Greenest Big Companies in America” cover story of the September 28 edition of Newsweek magazine, several of Air Cycle’s clients made the list. Here’s a little info on two of them: Continue reading “Recycle bulbs with Air Cycle and become famous…”

Alarming fluorescent bulb recycling stats, hopeful solutions

fluorescent tubes recycling - Air CycleThis article on mercury in fluorescent bulbs from recently drew my interest. In the piece, writer Laurie Grant lays out some staggering statistics:

“Despite the recent growth of lamp recycling, 71 percent of mercury-containing lamps used by businesses and 98 percent used in homes still are not being recycled…Each year, the lighting industry uses approximately 9 tons (8.2 metric tons) of mercury in manufacturing energy-efficient lamps. Of the 514 million lamps per year that enter the solid waste stream, about 142 million come from private homes and 372 million come from businesses, the government, and institutions.” Continue reading “Alarming fluorescent bulb recycling stats, hopeful solutions”