Operating (and Recycling) Lamps in Winter Conditions

outdoor fixtures - Air Cycle Corp.For many facility managers, winter brings conditions like damp and cold that can pose problems to fluorescent lighting systems, especially for outdoor fixtures.

This guide from Lightsearch.com offers best-practices for dealing with demanding environments like those in winter, as well as corrosive and hazardous locations.

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Bulb Eater package - Air Cycle Corp.When fluorescent lamps do burn out, mail them in for recycling with EasyPak™ boxes from Air Cycle. The EasyPak Sustainable Program is the simplest way to recycle lamps, reorder boxes, and track recycling efforts, all winter long.

Or, try the Bulb Eater® lamp crushing system or a Bulk Pickup for even easier recycling at large facilities. Click here to start now.

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