New Bulb Eater® CFL Premium Conversion Kit

CFL Conversion Kit - Air Cycle Corp.Ever wanted to crush spent compact fluorescent lamps in your existing Bulb Eater® Premium machine? Now you can with the new Bulb Eater® Premium CFL Conversion Kit!

Conversion takes about an hour, and a retrofitted machine can store up to 3,000 crushed CFLs. A machine with the kit also retains the ability to crush tube lamps. Contact us to learn more and check availability in your area.

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Bulb Eater CLF Premium - Air Cycle Corp.Don’t have a Bulb Eater® lamp crusher yet and want to crush CFLs? Then check out the CFL Premium machine, and start saving on lamp recycling costs by up to 50%! Learn more » CFL Premium Bulb Eater®.

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