Meet the Rodale Institute CDS™ System

Rodale Institute CDS System - Air Cycle Corp.A new way to sanitize and clean is now available from Air Cycle Corporation…Rodale Institute CDS™. Rodale Institute CDS™ is a system that generates powerful and safe sanitizing and cleaning solutions that are healthy to use, save money, and reduce your environmental footprint, all for only about 2 cents per gallon!

Both the disinfectant and detergent are produced right at your facility from just salt, water, and electricity, eliminating material and freight costs for large quantities of chemical. The system is compact and does not require the handling of heavy chemical-containing drums that other systems do. The solution generated by Rodale Institute CDS™ contains no harsh chemicals and releases no fumes during use.

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“…we use the system in a myriad of ways including cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms and kitchen areas, washing down machinery, washing down shop and office floors and cleaning glass windows throughout the facility.

I am pleased to say we have reduced our general cleaning chemical usage by almost 85% and replaced it with electrolyzed water at a cost of less than two cents per gallon.”

– Richard Cardemon, President
Reliance Machine Company

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