Make The Switch to the Bulb Eater® 3 for Increased Efficiency and Safety

bulb eater 3 drum top lamp crushing system by air cycle corporationAttention current Bulb Eater® owners: thank you for being such a loyal customer! We celebrate you for being a member of the original lamp crushing team, on the forefront of safe and efficient “bulb eating.” But today, we say why not treat yourself? You deserve an upgrade.

The next generation of Bulb Eater® 3 features Intelli Technology, on board controls that assist with machine diagnostics, maintenance, and safety, all on an easy-to-read screen. The digital control panel with LCD display and self-diagnostic fault codes makes for consistent operation. Eliminate the need to have multiple machines on hand to crush the wide range of lamps your facility generates. This single model crushes linear lamps of all lengths and u-tube lamps, as well as CFLs, with a lower angle entry tube that increases operator comfort.

This system still crushes lamps into 100% recyclable material, and captures over 99.99% of dangerous mercury vapors for a safe, compliant work environment. This is evidenced by an independent, third-party study performed by a safety firm that showed non-detectable levels of mercury vapor around the machine during extensive crushing.

As always, our BE3 still provides you with OSHA and ACGIH compliance and frees up valuable storage space, reduces handling and related labor costs, and typically cuts recycling costs by 50% or more. The new technology also adds 2 additional levels of filtration which extends the downstream filter life. Why change filters twice per drum? The new technology extends the filter life to 6-12 full 55 gallon drums, which reduces maintenance downtime.

Making the switch is easy. Explore all the new features and benefits of the Bulb Eater® 3 with our Online Certified Training Program, including a training video, quiz, and certificate of completion. Talk to one of our experts now to find out how making the switch can happen more efficiently than ever before!


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