Made in Chicago, Recycling ‘Round the World

Bulb Eater on CBS - Air Cycle Corp.The Bulb Eater® is used around the world to recycle spent fluorescent lamps at facilities in dozens of countries on five continents, but is built at Air Cycle’s Chicagoland headquarters and was recently featured on the CBS Chicago WBBM Newsradio show “Made in Chicago.”

Listen in as reporter Dave Berner explains how Air Cycle and the Bulb Eater are helping facilities save our planet, one bulb at a time!

Listen to the broadcast »

Bulb Eater - Air Cycle Corp.The Bulb Eater® lamp crusher can save facility managers up to 50% in overall lamp recycling costs by reducing labor requirements by up to 20 hours per 1,000 lamps and storage requirements by up to 80%. Learn more » Bulb Eater® lamp crusher

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