Little League Wins with the Bulb Eater

lamp recycling - Air Cycle Corp.I’m always amazed at the many unique ways the Bulb Eater® lamp crusher is put to work recycling fluorescent lamps. One of the more creative uses for the Bulb Eater I’ve run across is a fundraising event for the Little League of Cordova, Alaska. A recent article in the Cordova Times explains how participants fed fluorescent lamps into the Bulb Eater for a suggested donation of 25 cents per bulb.

“Feeding the bulb eater is fun,” said Autumn Bryson, environmental coordinator for the Native Village of Eyak, a sponsor of the event. “It’s amazing, it just grabs the bulb out of your hand and crushes it up.” The event also raised awareness of the environmental risks of mercury contamination that can result from improperly disposing of fluorescent lamps.

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