Lighting Upgrade: Energy and Financial Savings

Lighting upgrade to save money - Air Cycle Corp.What is better than improving the sustainability of an institutional or commercial facility? Saving money at the same time! And according to this article from Maintenance Solutions, one way to do that is with a lighting upgrade.

The article includes a case study to explain how an upgrade to high-efficiency lighting can reduce the energy consumption of a facility, minimizing the environmental impact of energy use and the financial cost of paying for it.

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Bulb Eater - Air Cycle Corp.A lighting system upgrade is a great way to cut energy costs, protecting the environment and the facility budget. But any old fluorescent lamps from the retrofit must be recycled to keep their toxic mercury out of the environment and to stay compliant with recycling regulations. The time and space-saving Bulb Eater® lamp crusher makes it easy. Learn more » Bulb Eater® lamp crusher

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