Introducing Facts for FAQs

FAQ's - Air Cycle Corp.Today, I’m introducing a fun, helpful new feature to the Air Cycle Blog: Facts for FAQs.

Each month, I’ll include an answer (a “fact”) to a question that gets asked a lot about the our products, recycling, or regulations in the hope of keeping our readers informed and knowledgeable about these topics.

If you have a question you’d like to see answered, don’t hesitate to submit it here to email me ( and see it featured in Facts for FAQs!

Q. Why can’t I just throw my fluorescent lamps in the trash?

A. Lamps contain mercury, and are in most cases considered hazardous. Because trashing lamps can cause harm to the environment and pose a health risk to facility workers, most states do not allow hazardous lamps to be disposed of in solid waste landfills.

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