Introducing Bulb Eater® Certified Training

Bulb Eater Seal - Air Cycle Corp.In keeping with our commitment to educating our customers about how best to recycle fluorescent lamps, Air Cycle is pleased to introduce Bulb Eater® Certified Training!

This online training program for Bulb Eater users includes the Bulb Eater owner’s manual, a new training video covering machine operations, safety and regulations, and a training quiz and certificate of completion.

We encourage all users of the Bulb Eater to complete the program in order to become fully familiar with all aspects of Bulb Eater safety and operations.

View the training program » Bulb Eater® Certified Training

Bulb Eater - Air Cycle Corp.Unfamiliar with the Bulb Eater® lamp crusher? Find out how it saves facilities dollars, storage space, and labor in this free Bulb Eater case study. Learn more » Bulb Eater lamp crusher or request Bulb Eater pricing

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