Humane Society Saves Animals, and the Planet with Air Cycle Corporation

Humane Society of the United States Air Cycle Corporation Environmental Sustainability Hero of the Month

Saving the lives of helpless animals is already a heroic act. Operating an environmentally sustainable business dedicated to the cause is even better. The mission of the Humane Society of the United States is to promote the protection of all animals. For that reason and many more, HSUS is Air Cycle’s Hero of the Month.

The Humane Society Mission

The impact of the Humane Society is evident throughout the country. The organization provides education to people across the nation to reduce needless cruelty, animal overpopulation, and other unethical practices. Michael Fitzwater, Area Facilities Manager and Property Manager for the Humane Society of the United States, knows the importance of continuing this noble cause, all while practicing environmental sustainability.

“It is extremely important that [we] align ourselves with environmentally responsible and sustainable companies,” says Fitzwater, “in order to extend our mission and efforts in protecting the environment for the animals, as well as future generations. Without a healthy environment, animals and humans both suffer together.”

The Facility

With a main facility housing nearly five hundred fluorescent light fixtures, the Humane Society of the United States recycles a minimum of 300 bulbs every six months.

“Prior to finding [Air Cycle], we experimented with re-boxing old bulbs and physically taking them to a waste collection facility,” Fitzwater recalls. “After that became an immediate hassle, we began sending them to a service that picked them up from our facility, but storage of the bulbs prior to pickup was always a problem.”

The Environmental Impact

BE-cutAir Cycle’s drum top fluorescent lamp crushing system, the Bulb Eater®, provided the space savings that the Humane Society was searching for. Safe, on-site disposal of spent lamps also eliminated the risk of later exposure to a broken bulb, and reduced the number of pickups needed. Reduction of transportation has been an important part of the Humane Society’s green initiative.

The efforts toward green facilities management don’t stop there. Other programs within the organization include running re-use stations for commonly used materials such as packing peanuts and air bladders for shipping. Facilities management also makes a conscious effort to let the HSUS’ sustainability practices guide other branches of the organization.

“The HSUS has several other offices and sanctuaries for animals around the country that [we] try to guide in their efforts toward energy conservation.”

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The Humane Society of the United States budgets for annual energy savings upgrades, including LED projects, heat island abatement, electric vehicle charging stations, and more. An organization with the heart to celebrate animals and confront cruelty, all while utilizing simple, sustainable solutions is the ideal candidate for Air Cycle’s Hero of the Month program. For that, we salute you, Humane Society of the US!

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