Happy Holidays from Air Cycle!

Merry Christmas - Air Cycle Corp.On behalf of myself and the Air Cycle team, I’d like to extend our warmest holiday greetings and wish you a very happy New Year! We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you toward a sustainable world by keeping hazardous wastes out of our environment.

Around the office at Air Cycle, we’ve been celebrating the season with decorations, a drive for our local food pantry, and a toy drive.

The holiday season can also be a great time to clear out the backlog of spent fluorescent lamps or other wastes that have accumulated over the year. Recycling now can simplify planning for 2013 and minimize the safety risks of storing waste.

Give us a call at 800-909-9709 or email info@aircycle.com if you would like more information or a custom quote. Have a wonderful holiday!

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