Halloween at Air Cycle!

We do occasionally like to have a little fun here at Air Cycle, and Halloween is no exception. For your enjoyment (and our humiliation), here are a couple of photos from around the Air Cycle office on Halloween:

Andrew - Air Cycle Corp.Here we have Francis Ouimet (winner of the 1913 U.S. Open and subject of a fantastic film starring Shia LeBeouf). An odd costume choice, but pulled off well.




Blago - Air Cycle Corp.Here’s Air Cycle’s Illinois hometown hero, ex-governor Rod Blagojevich. What a healthy head of hair!




Slash - Air Cycle Corp.And finally, the former guitar shredder for Guns ‘n Roses: Slash! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, both the guitar and the hair are real…

Thanks for visiting! If your company had any great costumes send them our way– we may even post them for all to see!

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