Green Key Global Makes Sustainable Tourism Simple

green key global sustainable tourismAt Air Cycle, we appreciate organizations who promote sustainable tourism practices.  We want to recognize them for the good they’re doing and help spread the word, so others may benefit from using their products and services.

As summer vacations come into full swing and tourism season peaks, we’d like to recognize Green Key Global, a unique company that makes choosing environmentally friendly travel lodging easy.

Green Key Global’s Eco-Rating Program uses the Global Sustainable Global Sustainable Tourism Council MemberTourism Council’s recognized rating system to evaluate lodging facilities worldwide that are committed to improving their environmental impact. Green Key encourages tourism and hospitality businesses efforts towards becoming the most cutting-edge green lodging facilities and provides education and helpful resources from their experts on reducing utility consumption, waste, emissions, and operating costs.

With over 2,000 members, Green Key Global has spent more than 20 years evaluating, inspecting, and certifying lodging properties to ensure that that travelers seeking green lodging can make easy, educated, sustainable lodging choices throughout the world.

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Cost-effective solutions to recycle common universal wastes is what we’re all about at Air Cycle Corporation. As a team, we are always looking for simple, sustainable solutions to common recycling issues, while improving cost and time savings. We applaud Green Key Global in their efforts to educate facility management on sustainable tourism business practice opportunities available to them. Assistance with both implementation and as well as their continuing efforts to help travelers make environmentally conscious choices with just the simple click of a button sets Green Key apart.

Air Cycle Corporation is a sustainable solutions and technologies company. We believe that people want recycling to be easy, and we are committed to developing these tools and services to help increase recycling rates, while also protecting our environment.


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