Give Thanks for Food Waste Diversion from EnviroPure

As we gather around the table this Thanksgiving, the mind goes to one place: everything that we have to be thankful for. Our health, a roof over our heads, an excellent fantasy football lineup. But for facilities managers, the mind might wander a little further off. ‘Where is all of this food waste going?’

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Your family’s dining room table may not be the root of the landfill problem, but food waste diversion is something Air Cycle has been working hard to tackle this year. In North America, the impact of landfilling organic waste is huge.

Each year, the cost of pickup, delivery, and disposal of food waste tops $1.2 billion. 29.8% of landfills are filled with organic waste, producing harmful methane gas.

EnviroPure is a self-contained treatment providing a fully customized alternative to landfilling food waste. This organic waste diversion system uses EP BioMix to transform 100% of your facility’s food waste into environmentally safe, waste-free water.

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The process is geared to any type of food, effectively eliminating meat, dairy, produce, poultry, fish, bones, shells, and pits. There isn’t a food waste problem that EnviroPure Systems can’t tackle.






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