Food Waste Diversion With A Real ROI

Next time you’re making a trip to the dumpster, ask yourself, could there be a simpler solution for diverting my food waste that also saves valuable time and labor, all while minimizing workplace risk?

What if you could eliminate the need to store food waste between waste pickups, and the mess and odors associated with food storing the waste?  Eliminating food waste where it is produced in your facility is a much simpler solution. In fact, what if that same solution could save you money, and help you reduce your impact on the environment?

The simple fact is, landfilling isn’t the easiest solution. The cost of sending your facility’s food waste to the landfill is probably much greater than you’ve ever considered, whether you only produce from a small corporate cafeteria or a cruise ship. Bin rentals, taxes, hauling fees,  fuel surcharges, landfill tonnage fees, and environmental surcharges, the total impact on your bottom line all add up and in certain parts of the country could reach $200 per ton.

Hidden Landfill Fees-2

Meet EnviroPure Systems, a food waste diversion solution with the power to eliminate pickup and hauling costs, saving a typical facility tens of thousands of dollars annually. EnviroPure transforms 100% of your facility’s organic food waste into environmentally safe grey water on site, with no odors, sludge buildups, or required system cleanouts.

Considering all the fees, taxes, and surcharges that a food waste diversion system eliminates, EnviroPure boasts impressive return on investments for facilities that produce large amounts of organic waste, and it doesn’t stop there. With no need to store smelly food waste as it accumulates, you save space at your facility while keeping both the workspace and the container storage area sanitary. Interested? Let us perform a Rate of Return analysis for you. Fill out the form to be contacted by one of our food waste diversion professionals.

Check out our blog here to compare all of your food waste diversion options, from pulping to composting, to find out how EnviroPure can reduce your facility’s impact on the environment, saving water and energy where other options can’t.

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