EnviroPure Food Waste Diversion Comes to Orlando, FL

Orange County (Florida) Utilities Department recently issued a letter of approval for the EnviroPure systems that was installed at one of Air Cycle’s clients in Orlando, FL. In it, the letter states  “that the use of the EnviroPure Food Solid Waste Digester unit (using the Bio-Mix product) has no detrimental impact to the quality of the wastewater discharged to the receiving utility.”

envirooure-specsThe County was naturally suspicious of the technology claims, as they had previously tested different technology at another Orange County location and ultimately forced that location to use that technology. This time they were not taking chances. The client had to implement a 9 month bi-weekly inspection and analytical testing program as a condition for the unit’s installation and on-going operation. The letter goes on to state the Enviropure system is approved for use at other Orange County and City of Orlando locations without the need for further testing.

EnviroPure’s proprietary BioMix compound played a key role in this decision, helping to accelerate the food waste decomposition process, without coagulation of effluent that can clog sewer lines. This all-natural, non-toxic combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is 100% environmentally safe, and incredibly effective. In fact, the grey water effluent produced by EnviroPure and its BioMix compound didn’t come close to surpassing today’s latest standards for BODs, FOGs, and TSS.

By working to approve the use of EnviroPure Systems in commercial and institutional kitchens across North America, Air Cycle is helping to put a dent in the 97% of food waste that ends up in a landfill. Together, we can reduce the production of harmful methane gasses and limit emissions caused by transporting food waste.

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