This Election Season, Vote GREEN with Air Cycle

Unlike choosing a future President of the United States, finding a recycling solution for your organization includes many viable options. All of your universal waste, from linear fluorescent lamps to old electronics, can be safely and efficiently recycled with Air Cycle’s simple, sustainable solutions. So, how will you choose?

Bulb Eater® 3: The Stand Up Guy

bulb eater 3 drum top lamp crushing system by air cycle corporationThe Bulb Eater® is the perfect candidate to suit your lamp recycling needs. This drum top lamp crushing system crushes straight lamps of any length, u-tubes, and CFLs into one 55-gallon drum. The 5-stage filter system captures over 99% of mercury from crushed lamps, virtually eliminating emissions and increasing handler safety. Vote Bulb Eater® 3 for your facility if you believe the safe handling of fluorescent lamps should be at the forefront of any facilities management platform.

EasyPak™ Containers: The Convenient Choice

VS-trioThese pre-paid, mail-in universal waste recycling containers make it easy to customize a plan that suits your business’ needs. If you recycle small to moderate quantities of fluorescent lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronics, EasyPak™ containers can be conveniently shipped to your facility. Fill up your container, follow the instructions to safely seal, and your universal waste will be shipped to the nearest recycling facility.

Bulk Pickup: The Big Solution

bulb-stackIf you’re recycling mass quantities of universal waste, this guy deserves your vote. Facilities over 150,000 square feet are the perfect candidates for bulk pickup. Universal waste is palletized, you set a date for your bulk pickup, and universal waste is delivered to the nearest facility for recycling. It’s one simple solution to a huge issue.

Total Program Management: The Perfect Candidate

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pick and choose the best of each platform to create the perfect candidate? While democracy hasn’t quite gotten there yet, Air Cycle is ahead of the game with Total Program Management. TPM is a customizable recycling solution for multi-location organizations across 48 states. Watch this video to see how Total Program Management provides one simple, sustainable solution for all of your universal waste recycling needs.

Still not sure which candidate is right for you? Take the quiz to find the perfect fit for your facility.

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