This Earth Day, Reconsider Landfilling Food Waste

Earth DayAccording to recent studies, nearly one third of all municipal landfills are filled with food waste. It may seem like organic waste isn’t such a problem at all. Consider this: that hefty 30% of food waste is delivered to municipal landfills by waste management trucks, greatly increasing our carbon footprint and associated costs.

food wasteIn North America alone, the economic impact of picking up, transporting, and disposing of food waste tops $1.2 billion annually, and with 29.8% of landfills being filled with food waste, we’re running out of time and options. Together, we’re paying the price of landfilling organic waste. Are you considering composting as a means of doing the right thing for the environment? How do you reconcile the fact that you have one truck to pick up your trash and a second to pick up your food waste? Is there a solution for both the planet and your bottom line?
Imagine a way to keep waste management trucks off the road, and
at the same time lowering your costs and environmental impact. Now, there is a way to transform 100% of your facility’s organic food waste into
environmentally safe organic free water that is treated in 24 hours or less.
This self-contained treatment system provides a fully-customized alternative to landfilling food waste.

food waste All-organic EP BioMix is added to your waste, expediting the natural process that decomposes food waste in nature. The process transforms
food waste into carbon dioxide and water and generates no solids. Unlike competitive food waste, there is no odors produced and the units are compact. The process is geared to any type of food, including produce, meat, dairy, fish,
poultry, bones, shells, and pits.
The grey water produced meets all municipality restrictions for BOD, TSS, and FOG. With a custom-built machine created to fit specific areas and workflows for your organization, transportation to off site compost or landfill operations are eliminated and it also minimizes additional labor costs.

EnviroPure Food Waste Disposal Systems are tailored to your unique operation, developed to reduce your carbon footprint and can be sized for any organization from supermarkets to industrial kitchens, cafeterias to cruise ships, and more. To start increasing your diversion rate and reducing your carbon footprint, click here to learn more about how EnviroPure can fit your business needs.

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