DOT battery recycling update

battery recycling - Air CycleThe U.S. DOT has released some new rules for packaging batteries for recycling that amend their previous regulations that mandated the taping or bagging of all batteries. The nice thing is that these new updated rules should be a relief for people that recycle their batteries. You can read the full update and see here or contact us if you need clarification, but here’s the basics of what you need to know:

  • You no longer have to tape or bag alkaline 1.5 volt batteries (1.5 volt batteries include AA, AAA, C, and D)
  • However, if non-alkalines are going to be mixed with alkalines in your recycling containers, the DOT requires that you insulate all the batteries. If you are placing alkaline 1.5 volt batteries in an EasyPak container with non-alkaline batteries you must tape or bag all the batteries in the container.

Here’s a tip: because you still have to tape all battery terminals if you mix alkalines and non-alkalines, I would advise simply using two seperate EasyPak containers, one for each type. Put them next to each other in your facility and mark which battery types should go in each.

I hope this helps clarify the new rules. However, regulation stuff can be tricky, so again, please feel free to contact us with any more questions.

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