Develop Your Corporate Recycling Program in 7 Easy Steps

For corporations with multiple locations, creating a corporate recycling program that can track and manage successful sustainability can be a challenge. With Total Program Management, we’ve made it easy to create, manage, and track your corporate-wide recycling program from a centralized location. Need reports by location? State? Region? Corporate? No problem!

The 3 Keys to Corporate Recycling

  1. Program Design: One of the many challenges of executing a corporate-wide recycling program is managing the diverse needs of multiple participating facilities. How can you ensure that all facility locations are practicing sustainability? Air Cycle’s Total Program Management uses a 7 step process to guide you through your program design and helps you determine appropriate recycling goals.
  2. Measure Progress Against Goals: For facilities using Total Program Management, reporting from Air Cycle is incredibly simple. Facilities are able to track both program participation and your recycling activity against your goals. Your individual locations are also able to access their real time on-line recycling reports and Certificates of Recycling 24/7.
  3. Take Pride In Your Accomplishments: We provide you with sustainability report data that you can use to boast about your accomplishments. Your employees can take pride in your environmental footprint. And if your organization publishes your sustainability efforts in an annual report, this provides an additional source of information for those reports…and it provides an opportunity to advertise your commitment to the environment in your green marketing campaign.

At Air Cycle, we’ve developed a nationwide network of recycling facilities that allows us to service your recycling needs. Whether you have one location in California or are located throughout the lower 48 states, we can service your recycling needs. Why use a patchwork of service providers when only one is needed.

Universal Waste Recycling Solutions for Corporations

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