Count-Up to 3 Million!

Recycling Impact Counter - Air Cycle Corp.One of the cool features on our website,, is the “Our Recycling Impact” counter, which totals the amounts of mercury, batteries, and ballasts recycled by Air Cycle and the acres of water kept pure through these efforts.

We’ve been tracking these totals since 2009, and by helping facility managers keep hundreds of thousands of potentially lake-polluting grams of mercury out of our environment, together we’re about to hit the 3 million acre mark on acres* of H20 kept clean!

Thank you so much for partnering with us to help recycle mercury from your facility, and for doing your part to keep our environment free from hazardous materials!

Right now, we’re at 2,716,479 acres of water kept pure and should reach 3 million within the next several months. Help us celebrate our approach to this milestone by commenting on this post with your story of how your facility got started with recycling »

*One gram of mercury can contaminate roughly 20 acres of lake water

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