Bulb Eater® Travels to Bermuda!

Bermuda Map - Air Cycle Corp.It’s always fun to see the many and varied places where the Bulb Eater lamp crusher is put to use around the world, making it easier to recycle fluorescent lamps and help keep mercury out of the environment. From Alaskan cruise ships to Malaysian recycling companies, the Bulb Eater’s been everywhere, man (apologies to Johnny Cash).

I recently found out that the Bulb Eater has been to Bermuda. The Royal Gazette reported that a Bulb Eater was obtained to safely store fluorescent bulbs, and help ensure proper disposal. Bermudan Works and Engineering Minister Derrick Burgess said that “by reducing mercury from Bermuda’s waste stream, the chance of human health risk is greatly reduced.” And that’s what the Bulb Eater is all about: a practical, safe way of packaging and recycling fluorescent lamps to help keep mercury out of the environment .

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