Bulb Eater® Repeats Money-Saving Award Win

Bulb Eater - Air Cycle Corp.Air Cycle is pleased to announce that the Bulb Eater® lamp crusher has won a 2013 Money-Saving Product award from Buildings Magazine!

The award was given to 53 finalists including the Bulb Eater® out of over 130 submissions. Finalists were selected by the editorial staff of Buildings based on the money-saving qualities of the product offered to facility managers in areas such as energy consumption, water savings, lighting, HVAC, maintenance, and roofing.

One of our most important goals at Air Cycle is to help our customers save money. In fact, it’s enshrined in our Core Value of “Quality and Value.” For Air Cycle, Quality and Value means designing and delivering recycling solutions at the highest standards of reliability, ease-of-use, and customer care that create efficiency and value for our customers’ businesses.

We’re proud that this award, which the Bulb Eater® also received in 2010 and 2012, recognizes the money-saving qualities offered to facility managers by the machine.

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