Bulb Eater® Boosts Auburn Recycling

Recycling fluorescent lamps is often considered an overly expensive and time-consuming chore. But we at Air Cycle believe that with a little help, lamp recycling can be simple and easy for businesses and communities. And that’s exactly what the city of Auburn, AL recently discovered.

When Recycling Division Manager Andre Richardson began looking for ways to recycle items the city normally doesn’t, he found the Bulb Eater lamp crushing system to be a great fit, according to this video from Alabama First News. According to Richardson, the Bulb Eater “reduces storage needs, minimizes handling of light bulbs, and creates a safer, cleaner work environment.”

It’s always nice to hear how the Bulb Eater helps make it easy and efficient for communities to recycle spent fluorescent lamps and the mercury they contain. Click here for more information or to request a quote.

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