Introducing Facts for FAQs

FAQ's - Air Cycle Corp.Today, I’m introducing a fun, helpful new feature to the Air Cycle Blog: Facts for FAQs.

Each month, I’ll include an answer (a “fact”) to a question that gets asked a lot about the our products, recycling, or regulations in the hope of keeping our readers informed and knowledgeable about these topics. Continue reading “Introducing Facts for FAQs”

Energy Efficiency: How Does Your Facility Stack Up?

Energy Efficient Bulbs - Air Cycle Corp.Today, energy efficiency is both a popular and important topic in facility management. Growing awareness and concern about the environmental impact of commercial facilities coupled with the potential for cost-savings from energy efficiency in an era of tight facility budgets have combined to make the pursuit of energy efficiency a primary goal for many FMs. Continue reading “Energy Efficiency: How Does Your Facility Stack Up?”

The Bulb Eater®…Our Planet’s Eco-Superhero

Move over Captain Planet, there’s a new eco-superhero in town…the Bulb Eater®! And while he may not have pollution down to zero quite yet, the Bulb Eater® is leading the charge to keep hazardous mercury from spent fluorescent lamps at commercial facilities out of the environment through recycling. Continue reading “The Bulb Eater®…Our Planet’s Eco-Superhero”

We Know All About Recycling Lamps, But How Are They Made?

At Air Cycle, we talk a lot about end-of-life for fluorescent lamps, and how important it is to properly manage and dispose of spent lamps by recycling them. But ever wonder how lamps are made?

The fascinating process of tube fluorescent lamp manufacturing–which involves liquid glass, diamond-tipped cutters, and 1300 degree heat–is documented in this video from National Geographic. The video also explains how fluorescent lamps work.

Learn how lamps are recycled »

Air Cycle Corporate Accounts Moves to “Green”-er Pastures

Ken and Brian - Air Cycle Corp.Air Cycle provides comprehensive corporate recycling programs for the likes of Marriott Hotels, Whole Foods, and CBRE. These programs are managed by our Corporate Accounts team, consisting of Ken Campbell and Brian Hughes. Continue reading “Air Cycle Corporate Accounts Moves to “Green”-er Pastures”