Marketing Your Green Initiative With Recycling Reporting

When it comes to marketing your green business, there’s more to environmental responsibility than meets the eye. Incorporating green business practices can provide the opportunity to connect with environmentally conscious consumers and businesses. Are you ready to start publicizing your reduced impact? Here’s how to get started. Continue reading “Marketing Your Green Initiative With Recycling Reporting”

This Earth Day, Reconsider Landfilling Food Waste

Earth DayAccording to recent studies, nearly one third of all municipal landfills are filled with food waste. It may seem like organic waste isn’t such a problem at all. Consider this: that hefty 30% of food waste is delivered to municipal landfills by waste management trucks, greatly increasing our carbon footprint and associated costs.

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How To Safely Seal Your EasyPak VaporShield Containers

At Air Cycle, our products and services are designed to make recycling more convenient, safe, and cost-effective for organizations of all sizes. To ensure the safety of all employees and carriers who handle your EasyPak containers from the moment they hold their first fluorescent bulb, to arriving at a certified recycling facility, it is important to follow all of the instructions included on your EasyPak VaporShield Box. That means not only properly assembling the container, but also making sure that the container is properly sealed before shipment.

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Where in the World is Bulb Eater®?

Where is the Bulb Eater - Air Cycle Corp.While the Bulb Eater® fluorescent lamp crusher may not enjoy the infamy of international educational thief Carmen Sandiego, it is still very interesting to find out where in the world it is! The Bulb Eater holds global appeal for the labor, space, and time-saving benefits it delivers in the process of recycling spent fluorescent lamps, and is used in over 65 countries worldwide! Continue reading “Where in the World is Bulb Eater®?”