Are Copy Machines a Risk to Data Security?

Even though information security is a top priority for many companies, sensitive data can still turn up in unexpected places. I recently came across this fascinating CBS News investigative report that explains how digital copy machines can store thousands of previously copied pages, and the sensitive data they contain, unless their hard drives are erased.

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Here are a few tips from to increase your photocopier security:

1. Make sure the data modem and the fax modem are different. Doing this prevents someone from being able to take the information stored on the copier and easily transmit it to another location through the open phone line.

2. Purchase an overwriting or encryption component for your copier. If your office uses a copier that is more than a year old, check online for add on kits that prevent information from being stored or encrypt copied data.

3. Don’t use public copy machines for sensitive information. Whenever possible, only use copy machines you are familiar with and where you have some element of control when it comes to monitoring security risk.

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