Air Cycle Helps Keep Carroll Beautiful

Keep Carroll Beautiful - Air Cycle Corp.I recently came across an article in the Times-Georgian, of Carroll County, GA, entitled “Cleaning the garage: Waste you can’t just throw away.” The piece highlights the efforts of local non-profit Keep Carroll Beautiful to provide residents with recycling assistance, and to educate about the dangers of improper disposal of everyday wastes. Though seemingly harmless, these items can pose serious environmental health risks and lead to hefty fines.

One way Keep Carroll Beautiful helps residents is by collecting hazardous mercury-containing wastes like thermometers and batteries, which are then picked up and recycled by Air Cycle. The group has even purchased a Bulb Eater from Air Cycle, so that residents can safely dispose of fluorescent lighting items.

It’s great to see local residents rising to the challenge of keeping hazardous wastes out of the environment. Click here to find out more about the Air Cycle products Keep Carroll Beautiful uses like bulk pickups and the Bulb Eater.

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