Our Aim…Creating Value for Customers

Daniel - Air Cycle Corp.At Air Cycle, we’re always striving to do our jobs better, and a big part of that is education. It goes back to our Core Value of Expertise, and the importance of gaining knowledge–and sharing it with our customers–in order to help our customers be successful in their sustainability efforts.

We’ve hosted guest speakers to talk about how lamps are recycled and consultants to teach company-wide classes on recycling regulations. We recently established an in-house library to encourage our team to keep learning and growing professionally, in order to serve our customers better. And I just finished a great book called Think Outside the Inbox.

In the book, David Cummings and Adam Blitzer share many useful insights about marketing, including some advice to focus on delivering substance and value to the customer in marketing communications. And that’s really what we’re all about at Air Cycle: creating value for our customers throughout their entire experience with us, from the marketing materials they read to the products they use at their facility.

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